Ch. 6 (Part A) Ilearnrscit Rscit Online Test English {Internet Applications}

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Ilearnrscit Rscit Online Test English

Q. 1. In the World Wide Web, ______ and ______ are used to find a specific topic?
A. Browsers And Scanner
B. Gopher And Windows
C. Search Engine And Index
D. Scanner And Search Engine

Q. 2. What are the websites used to network with friends and relatives called?
A. Social networking
B. Blogging
C. Commerce
D. Net Banking

Q. 3. What is meant by URL?
A. A live chat program
B. An address of the World Wide Web resource
C. Internet Wizard
D. A description

Q. 4. Can this software protect against cyber threats?
A. Antivirus software
B. Trojan horse
C. spyware
D. Malware

Q. 5. _______ feature is used to set background of Microsoft powerpoint slide?
A. Hyperlink
B. thumbnail
C. Gradient Fill
D. Chart file

Q. 6. Which of the following is an example of micro blogging?
A. Facebook
B. Twitter
C. Instagram
D. All given

Q. 7. What are the types of e-commerce?
A. B2b
B. B2c
C. C2c
D. All given

Q. 8. Which of the following cables is not used in networking?
A. Optical Fiber
B. Co-axial Cable
C. Roxial Cable
D. Twisted Pair Wire

Q. 9. What is Comminications Satellite?
A. Artifical Satellite
B. Media Channel
C. Pwerful Channel
D. Comminication network

Q. 10. What is Ir Wireless?
A. Interrefer Technology
B. Interchange Wireless
C. Interwire Technology
D. Infrared Wireless Technology

Q. 11. What is Bluetooth?
A. Wire Technology
B. Wifi Toolset
C. Wireless Technology
D. Mobile Apps

Q. 12. How many types of Network Topologies are there?
A. 7
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Q. 13. In which topology each node is connected through a single cable?
A. Mesh
B. Bus
C. Ring
D. Star

Q. 14. Which of the following is not a Cyber ​​Threat?
A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Denial of Service
D. Sso of Rajasthan

Q. 15. Can Lcd Projector be connected to Pc?
A. From HDMI connection
B. From Vga connection
C. Both of these
D. None of these

Q. 16. M.S. In the account settings of Outlook 2010 you can set?
A. To arrive from server Pop3
B. To go to server from Smtp
C. Encryption from Ssl.
D. All of these.

Q. 17. Tampering with computer source code is an offense under the Indian IT Act, 2000 under which section?
A. 67
B. 65
C. 43
D. 66

Q. 18. Mailing etiquette for you?
A. Check authenticity before forwarding
B. Use All Caps characters
C. Make the most of 'reply To All'
D. Discuss multiple topics in one e-mail

Q. 19. Which of the following is not a network type?
A. Pan ,lan
B. Lon ,van
C. Wlan
D. Wan, Man

Q. 20. What is the full name of Man?
A. Metro Area Network
B. Medium Area Network
C. Mid Area Network
D. Metropolitan Area Network

Q. 21. What is the full name of Ban?
A. Best Area Network
B. Boost Area Network
C. Body Area Network
D. None of these

Q. 22. Which of the following is not a network topology?
A. Hexagon
B. Mesh
C. Star
D. Ring

Q. 23. Which of the following is an example of Bluetooth?
A. Body Area Network
B. Virtual Private Network
C. Local Area Network
D. Personal Area Network

Q. 24. Which of the following is not a type of network?
A. Wan
B. Tan
C. Pan
D. Man

Q. 25. End-to-end connectivity is provided by which protocol in which data packet will be addressed, transmitted, routed and received?
A. Imap
B. Transmission Control Protocol (Tcp)/internet Protocol (Ip)
C. Peer To Peer Protocol
D. Post Office Protocol

Q. 26. Which of the following benefits come from E-commerce?
A. Product Range
B. Cost Saving
C. Payment Option
D. All Of The Above

Q. 27. Digital Signature is certified by which organization?
A. Verisign
B. Echosign
C. A And B Both
D. None Of The Above

Q. 28. Can the Shape Outline feature be changed in Microsoft Excel worksheet?
A. Fill Color
B. Outline Color And Width
C. 3-d Rotation
D. Flip The Shape

Q. 29. The main parts for creating charts in a Microsoft Excel worksheet are?
A. Data Series, Data Labels And Gridlines
B. Clipart And Shape
C. Bullet And Header
D. Page No.

Q. 30. What is Arial in Microsoft Word?
A. One page layout
B. A style sheet
C. A printing format
D. A font

Q. 31. Save As feature of Microsoft Word?
A. Open file can be saved
B. Open file can be saved with alias
C. Open files can be deleted
D. Open file can be initialized

Q. 32. What is Secure Seal?
A. A phishing software
B. A malware
C. A Trojan horse
D. Authentication software for the validity of a website

Q. 33. To find your way, you can use?
A. Bluetooth service.
B. Microsoft OneDrive.
C. Google Maps.
D. Google Drive.

Q. 34. Dial to know the version of Android phone software?
A. *#1234#
B. *#9090#
C. *#0588#
D. *#2663#

Q. 35. Can Gmail messages be used to send files?
A. A file up to 10 Mb in size
B. One or more files up to 5 Mb in size
C. 10 files up to 8 Mb in size
D. One or more files up to 25 Mb in size

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