Ch. 10 (Part A) Online Test Rscit English {Working with Mobile Devices/Smart phones}

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Online Test Rscit English

Q. 1. Which app is this?
A. E-mitra
B. Bhamashah
C. Raj Dhara
D. None of these

Q. 2. What can I do using Google Map?
A. Finding a location and getting directions
B. Getting directions
C. Finding a Location
D. None of these

Q. 3. One type of Paragraph Alignment in MS Word 2010 ________?
A. Portrait
B. Justify
C. italics
D. Indent

Q. 4. If the attachment file is more than 25mb in size and you want to send a single attachment file along with the email using Gmail, then?
A. You can use google drive link
B. You can append the file to Bcc
C. You can use Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox
D. You cannot send mail with attachment

Q. 5. If a system or machine is maliciously flooded with traffic or information which causes it to crash or access the system becomes inaccessible for the user then which attack is it?
A. Phishing attack
B. Denial-of-service attack.
C. Tarzan Horse
D. Password attack.

Q. 6. What is the use of Google Map?
A. To locate the location @
B. To share files between mobiles
C. To read mail
D. To install mobile application

Q. 7. In MS-Excel 2010 if you apply a formula to a particular cell and the result is displayed as #####, then?
A. You are reading wrong.
B. Your formula logic is wrong.
C. You cannot enter a formula into the formula bar.
D. The result of the formula is too large to display in the cell.

Q. 8. Which of the following is an example of Mooc portal?
A. Udacity
B. Bhim
C. Twitter
D. Ms Word

Q. 9. A student can submit his/her online fee to the university by using _______?
A. Aadhar Card
B. Bhamashah card
C. E-mitra
D. Ration Card

Q. 10. Presentation is a collection of _______?
A. Chart
B. Workbook
C. Worksheet
D. slide

Q. 11. What is the full form of Hdmi?
A. High Dimension Multimedia Interface
B. Huge Definition Multimedia Interface
C. High Definition Multimedia Interface
D. Heavy Development Media Interface

Q. 12. In MS Word 2010 ________ key deletes the letter to the left of the cursor and _____ key deletes the letter to the right of the cursor?
A. Delete, Backspace
B. Ctrl + Alt
C. Backspace, Delete
D. Spacebar, Enter

Q. 13. Select the correct matching option from the table given below?
A. 1-q, 2-r, 3-s,4-p
B. 1-r, 2-p, 3-s,4-q
C. 1-r, 2-s, 3-p,4-q
D. 1-q, 2-p, 3-s,4-r

Q. 14. What will be the result of formula =len("Vmou@rscit") in MS Excel 2010?
A. 14
B. 11
C. 10
D. 12

Q. 15. Which of the following is not a software?
A. Operating System
B. Keyboard
C. Linux
D. Internet Explorer

Q. 16. How many types of Handheld Device are there?
a. Feature Phone
b. Smart Phone
c. a and b both
d. None of the above

Q. 17. What information can be obtained from the Epds mobile app?
A. Transaction history
B. Daily transaction report
C. Stock condition
D. All given

Q. 18. What are the facilities provided through Bhamashah Yojana mobile app?
A. Population Statistics
B. Qc and editing
C. Enrollment Status
D. All given

Q. 19. _______ is a method where multiple tasks or processes share common processing resources such as CPU whereas _______ is a processing mode that processes two or more programs simultaneously using multiple CPUs. Is?
A. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store
B. Multitasking, Multiprocessing
C. Windows 10, Windows XP
D. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Q. 20. Which of the following application program is commonly used to view PDF files?
A. Device driver
B. Adobe Reader
C. Cortana
D. Windows Defragmenter

Q. 21. You can access social media from computer by _______?
A. Word, Excel, PPT etc.
B. YouTube, Google Play, Outlook etc.
C. Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus etc.
D. Sso, Prsy, Lpg etc.

Q. 22. Most web browsers display the URL of a web page at _______?
A. Formula bar
B. Address bar
C. Status bar
D. Title bar

Q. 23. What is the full form of IRCTC?
A. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.
B. International Rail Communication and Telecom Corporation
C. Indian Rail Common Transportation Corporation
D. None of the above.

Q. 24. Which of the following is not the purpose of SSO (Single Sign On)?
A. Storing one person one identity.
B. Documents are not required for delivery of service and affidavits.
C. Single window interface for accessing various digital services of the State Government.
D. To access your Twitter account without knowing the password.

Q. 25. What is Raj Cloud?
A. Rajasthan State Data Center and Network Operating Center
B. Rajasthan Giss-dss
C. Rajasthan Cloud
D. Rajasthan Network

Q. 26. _______ is a program that runs and controls the devices connected to the computer such as printers, scanners, drives in CD ROM etc.?
A. Hard Disk
B. Screen rotation
C. Math Input Panel
D. Device driver

Q. 27. Which of the following is not an example of a mobile wallet?
A. Sbi Buddy
B. Bhim
C. Paytm
D. Credit Card

Q. 28. In the following attack, the attacker uses multiple computers to send traffic or data which overload the system and cause the system to stop working?
A. Password attack
B. Denial-of-service attack
C. Phishing
D. Tarzan Heart Attack

Q. 29. Which of the following is the primary law dealing with cyber crime and electronic commerce in India?
A. Indian IT Act, 2000
B. Indian IT Act, 2012
C. Indian IT Act, 1990
D. Indian IT Act, 2004

Q. 30. If you want to show black blank slide during slide show you can press ____ with keyboard?
A. B key
B. W key
C. Ctrl + B
D. None of the above

Q. 31. In MS-Excel 2010 the following option converts the selected cell into a larger cell and center the contents of the new cell?
A. Rep Cell
B. Rename
C. Merge and Center
D. Alignment

Q. 32. In MS Excel 2010 if you want to display only those rows which contain data of students who have scored more than 70 marks in a subject. Then you would use _______?
A. Filtering
B. Freezing pen
C. Mail Merge
D. Legend

Q. 33. The extension of Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 respectively is______?
A. Xlsx, Xls Or Xlsx
B. Docx, Doc, Or Docx
C. Xls, Xlsx, Or Xlsx
D. Xls, Xls Or Xlsx

Q. 34. In Control Panel (Windows 10), Appearance and Personalization are computer settings?
A. Allows the user to replace the pictures of his choice on the desktop background.
B. Allows the user to change or disable the screen saver.
C. Allows the user to change the screen resolution and color quality.
D. All of the above.

Q. 35. _______ is an example of web based chat service.
A. Skype
B. Gmail
C. Hotmail
D. Spam

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