Ch. 5 (Part B) Rkcl Mock Test English {Digital Payment and Platforms}

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Rkcl Mock Test English

Q. 1. Which of the following is the link or path between Channel Sender and Reciever?
A. Interchange
B. Common
C. Transmission
D. None of these

Q. 2. What is another name of Google Web Search?
A. Search
B. Google
C. Find
D. None Of These

Q. 3. Internet is not a part of Email Message?
A. Message Header
B. Message Envelope
C. Message Subject
D. Message Body

Q. 4. Where are Unfinished Emails saved?
A. Outbox
B. Drafts
C. Sent Items
D. Inbox

Q. 5. How Much Free Storage Does Google Drive Provide?
A. 20 Gb
B. 15 Gb
C. 12 Gb
D. 10 Gb

Q. 6. What is the name of the founder of Facebook?
A. Larry Page
B. Tim Berners Lee
C. Mark Zuckerberg
D. Sergey Brin

Q. 7. When was Linkedin founded?
A. 2000
B. 2001
C. 2002
D. 2004

Q. 8. E-commerce is a type of?
A. B2b
B. C2b
C. C2c
D. All Of The Above

Q. 9. Which of the following is not an example of an online shopping website?

Q. 10. Which of the following is not an example of a mobile wallet?
A. Sbi Buddy
B. Bhim
C. Keep
D. None Of The Above

Q. 11. Choose the most appropriate option from the following -
A. Debit card and credit card can be used in electronic payment system
B. o. M. R. Full form of Only Magnetic Reader
C. Skype is an example of system software
D. Printer output quality is measured in Hertz

Q. 12. When was the initiative of Bhamashah Saksham Bank Account by Rajasthan Government?
A. 2014
B. Year 2015
C. Year 2016
D. Year 2008

Q. 13. Online or digital mode of payment?
A. Debit Card
B. Net Banking
C. Credit card
D. All given

Q. 14. When was the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana started by the Government of India?
A. August 2015
B. August 2014
C. September 2014
D. September 2015

Q. 15. What is the name of the scheme to provide financial services to the economically weaker sections of India in an affordable way?
A. Urja Vikas Yojana
B. Housing Scheme
C. Jan Dhan Yojana
D. None of these

Q. 16. What are the benefits of online banking for the customers?
A. Less time cost
B. Anytime, Anywhere Banking
C. Pay utility bills and many more benefits from home
D. All given

Q. 17. Which of the following benefits are associated with Pmjdy?
A. Overdraft facility up to 5000/-
B. Accident insurance cover of ₹100000
C. Life insurance cover of Rs.30,000/-
D. All of the above

Q. 18. Which of the following is not an example of a mobile wallet?
A. Paytm
B. Sbi Buddy
C. Bhim
D. Credit Card

Q. 19. Which of the following is not an advantage of online banking?
A. Time saving
B. Cost savings
C. Internet connection required to use
D. Account security

Q. 20. Which of the following is not a feature of credit cards?
A. Issuance of small plastic cards by banks
B. An electronic form of payment
C. Buy first, pay later
D. Buy and pay together

Q. 21. What is the full form of OTP?
A. One The Phone
B. One Time Password
C. Out To Practice
D. One Time Programmable

Q. 22. Which of the following statement is not true regarding Bhamashah Yojana?
A. Female member is considered as the head of the family?
B. Aadhar card is mandatory
C. This is being used by the government for all cash or non-cash Dbt [Direct Benefit Transfer]
D. No amount

Q. 23. When is push technology used in UPI (Upi- Unified Payment Interface)?
A. To send money
B. To receive payment
C. Only A
D. Both A and B

Q. 24. What is meant by Sbi Buddy?
A. A game
B. Mobile Wallet Application
C. Bank account
D. None of the above

Q. 25. Which of the following is not an example of a search engine?
A. Facebook
B. Bing
C. Google
D. Lycos

Q. 26. Google Search Engine performs the search operation using which algorithm?
A. Columnrank
B. Tablerank
C. Pagerank
D. Websiterank

Q. 27. Which of the following is a Network Strategy?
A. Peer To Peer
B. Client/server
C. Terminal Server
D. Suitable all

Q. 28. What is the minimum amount required to open 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' account?
A. ₹10000
B. ₹5000
C. ₹1000
D. Zero balance

Q. 29. Which of the following is not necessary in Basics of Computer Networking?
A. Network Connection
B. Network Topology
C. Network Protocol
D. Graphics

Q. 30. What is the full name of Lan?
A. Line Area Network
B. Legal Area Network
C. Last Area Network
D. Local Area Network

Q. 31. Which is the most run Social Networking website?
A. Gmail
B. Twitter
C. Facebook
D. Linkedin

Q. 32. Hashtag is started with which sign?
A. @
B. -
C. ?
D. #

Q. 33. Who is the developer of Google Search Engine?
A. Sergey Brin
B. Larry Page
C. A And B
D. Tim Berners Lee

Q. 34. Which is the most used website for watching online videos?

Q. 35. What is the full form of FPS with reference to E-pds system?
A. Financial Planning System
B. First Prize Scheme
C. Fair Price Shop
D. A Or C Both

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