Ch. 10 (Part B) Rscit English Online Test Paper {Working with Mobile Devices/Smart phones}

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Rscit English Online Test Paper

Q. 1. _______is a 12 digit Unique Identification Number which is issued to all Indian residents on the basis of their biometric and demographic data?
A. Url
B. Ip address
C. base
D. Pan

Q. 2. In MS Word 2010, cut or copy text is stored on a temporary storage area which we call as _______?
A. Home tab
B. Ribbon
C. Clipboard
D. Macro

Q. 3. What does Mobile Hotspot do?
A. Allows sharing with other devices
B. Does not allow sharing with other devices
C. This is an antivirus
D. None of these

Q. 4. What is the full form of Epds in the context of mobile app?
A. Electronic Passing Definition System
B. Emergency Personal Defense System
C. Electronic Public Distribution System
D. None

Q. 5. When you connect a projector in Windows 10, the following connection options for the PC screen display different display content on the computer screen and the projector screen?
A. Duplicate
B. Computer Only
C. Extend
D. Projector Only

Q. 6. _______ in Android device. Screen lock is one of the options?
A. Browser
B. Uc Browser
C. Hotspot
D. Swipe

Q. 7. Select the correct full form of Pos and Upi from the following?
A. Point Of Scale, Uniform Payment Interface
B. Payment Of Sale, Unified Point Interface
C. Point Of Sale, Unified Payment Interface
D. Payment Of State, Clear Payment Sale

Q. 8. What is the shortcut key of Format Painter in MS Word 2010?
A. Ctrl + Alt + C
B. Ctrl + Shift + C
C. Ctrl + Alt + V
D. Ctrl + Shift + V

Q. 9. Nsdl website mainly deals with?
A. PAN card application and updation.
B. By voter record updation.
C. Online shopping
D. From passport application.

Q. 10. When you create a new folder in Windows 10, what is the default name of that folder?
A. My Folder
B. New Folder
C. Folder
D. Windows

Q. 11. Which of the following is not a mobile OS?
a. Android
b. iOS
c. Windows
d. Linux OS

Q. 12. What is the full form of EPDS with reference to Mobile App?
a. Emergency Personal Defense System
b. Electronic Public Distribution System
c. Electronic Pssing Definition System
d. None of the above

Q. 13. What connectivity is required for HotSpot?
a. WiFi
b. bluetooth
c. Infrared
d. all

Q. 14. What is the full form of GPS?
a. Geographical Position Solution
b. Graphical Penetration System
c. Global Positioning System
d. none of these

Q. 15. Which of the following is a mobile operating system?
a. Windows
b. iOS
c. Android
d. all

Q. 16. Which is the latest Android mobile OS??
a. Froyo
b. Ginger Bread
c. Marsh Mellow
d. Nugat

Q. 17. Which app is designed to address and provide solutions to the issues of citizens?
a. Bhamashah
c. Rajasthan Contact
d. friend

Q. 18. Which of the following screen lock screen lock is available on Android device?
a. Pattern
b. PIN
c. Password
d. All of the above

Q. 19. Full form of Wi-Fi?
a. Wireless Fidelity
b. Wireless Factory
c. Web Factory
d. Web Fidelity

Q. 20. When was the first Android OS made by Google?
a. Sep 2008
b. Sep 2004
c. Sep 2010
d. None of the above

Q. 21. Popular applications to transfer files between two or more devices are?
a. Sender
b. Share It
c. Data Transfer
d. Fast Data

Q. 22. Which of the following is not an advantage of online banking?
A. You can use it at any time (24*7)
B. It takes less time than others
C. It transfers money to the recipient's account immediately
D. You system. Can demodulate and modulate

Q. 23. Which of the following is a good practice for secure browsing?
A. Do not run antivirus
B. Do not update your software
C. Children with public or free Wi-Fi
D. Privacy policies are subject to

Q. 24. ______ is not an example of Monitor?
A. Crt
B. Flat Panel
C. Lcd
D. Laser

Q. 25. Select the correct statement from the following?
A. You can save document in PDF format in MS Office
B. You can start a presentation by using the F6 key
C. You can write a formula using the formula bar in MS Word 2010
D. You in MS Office 2010. Can set page orientation as bold

Q. 26. Which of the following is an example of volatile memory? Select the most suitable option?
A. Prom
B. Eprom
C. Both of the above
D. None of these

Q. 27. Suppose the file location is D:\vmou\rscit\example.txt, then select the incorrect option from the following?
A. D: is the name of the drive.
B. Sub folder of Vmou is Rscit.
C. The sub folder of Rscit is Vmou.
D. Example.txt is the name of the file with the file extension.

Q. 28. _______ is an example of a mobile operating system?
A. Window 98
B. Android operating system
C. Mint window operating
D. Ms Word 2010

Q. 29. Times New Roman is a _____?
A. fonts
B. Page layout
C. Printing
D. None of the above

Q. 30. In MS-Excel 2010, the address of the top leftmost cell is _____?
A. A1 @
C. Az
D. 1a

Q. 31. Which connectivity is required for mobile hotspot?
A. Wi-Fi
B. bluetooth
C. Infrared
D. All of the above.

Q. 32. _____ is an open encyclopedia?
A. Google
B. Wikipedia
C. Bing
D. PageRank

Q. 33. When you close the incomplete email while composing email using Gmail then the incomplete email will be saved in it?
A. Cc
B. Bcc
C. Attachments
D. Draft

Q. 34. _______ is usually a 3-digit security code, printed on the back of a credit card?
A. Otp
B. Card number
C. Expiry date
D. Cvv

Q. 35. What is the loan repayment period under 'Bhamashah Rozgar Sarjan Yojana'?
A. 3 years
B. 2.5 years
C. 5 years
D. None of the above

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