Ch. 3 (Part B) Rscit English Online Test {Exploring your Computer}

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Rscit English Online Test

Q. 1. What can you do with Windows Store?
A. can download the app
B. Can download video
C. Can download the game
D. All of the above can

Q. 2. No computing device can work without ________?
A. Database Management
B. Operating system
C. Microsoft Office
D. Application software

Q. 3. What is the full name of Worm?
A. Write Once Read Minimum
B. Write Only Read Many
C. Write Once Read Many
D. None Of These

Q. 4. What is the maximum storage capacity of Blu-ray disc?
A. 500 Gb
B. 4.7 Gb
C. 8.5 Gb
D. 700 Mb

Q. 5. Which shortcut key is used to open on Computer Icon?
A. Window + L
B. Window + O
C. Window + D
D. Window + E

Q. 6. Which of the following is a type of computer?
A. Analog Computer
B. Digital Computer
C. Hybrid Computer
D. All of the above

Q. 7. When was the first supercomputer made?
A. 1964
B. 1960
C. 1950
D. 1966

Q. 8. Which of the following is not a type of Sd Card?
A. Micro CardB
B. Credit Card
C. Mini Card
D. None of these

Q. 9. What was the name of the first Super Computer?
A. Cdac 100
B. Cdc 100
C. Cdc 6600
D. Cdac 6600

Q. 10. Which is the first Super Computer of Japan?
A. Fujitsu's K
B. Param
C. Ibm's Sequoia
D. None of these

Q. 11. Which computer is used for earthquake information?
A. Portable Computer
B. Mainframe Computer
C. Mini Computer
D. Super Computer

Q. 12. The type of computer used by government organizations and big business companies is?
A. Super Computer
B. Portable Computer
C. Mainframe Computer
D. Mini Computer

Q. 13. Which of the following is a type of memory?
A. Cache memory
B. Primary / Main memory
C. Secondary memory
D. All of the above

Q. 14. Cache memory is high speed ______ memory which increases the speed between CPU and main memory?
A. Semi conductor memory
B. Secondary
C. Primary memory
D. None of these

Q. 15. Which part of the data and program is kept in the cache memory?
A. which is not used by the CPU at all
B. which is rarely used by CPU
C. Frequently used by CPU
D. None of these

Q. 16. Which of the following is not an example of non-volatile memory?
A. Flash memory
B. P ROM (Prom)
C. Rom
D. ROM (Prom)

Q. 17. Which type of memory loses all the data stored in it when the power goes out?
A. Read Only Memory (ROM)
B. Programmable Read Only Memory (Prom)
C. Flash memory
D. Random Access Memory (Ram)

Q. 18. What is the full name of Eprom?
A. Erasable Programmable Right Only Memory
B. Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
C. Erasable Performance Read Only Memory
D. Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory

Q. 19. What is used by a search engine to find information?
A. web crawling/web spider
B. Indexing
C. Satching
D. All these

Q. 20. An example of a network connection device?
A. Hub
B. Switch
C. Processor
D. (A) and (B) both

Q. 21. Which computer is used to measure the amount of voltage, temperature and current etc.?
A. Mini computer
B. Digital computer
C. Analog computer
D. Mainframe computer

Q. 22. Which of the following is an example of micro computer?
A. Laptop
B. Smart phone
C. Pdas
D. All of the above

Q. 23. Which type of computer is used in middle class companies and production houses?
A. Supercomputer
B. Microcomputer
B. Microcomputer
D. Mini computer

Q. 24. What is the full name of Pda?
A. Personal Digital Assistance
B. Personal Dynamic Assistance
C. Program Digital Assistance
D. None Of These

Q. 25. The type of computer which has the characteristics of both digital and analog computer?
A. Hybrid Computer
B. Supercomputer
C. Analog Computer
D. Digital computer

Q. 26. In Micr, C means?
A. Computer
B. Code
C. Color
D. Characters

Q. 27. What is meant by booting the computer?
A. Computer standby mode
B. Shutting down the computer
C. Starting Internet Explorer
D. Starting the computer

Q. 28. Cortana can be used like _______?
A. Like inbox
B. Like mail box
C. Like search box
D. None of the above

Q. 29. Which of the following is not an example of an operating system?
A. Linux
B. Microsoft Office
C. Unix
D. Microsoft Windows

Q. 30. This folder stores the files and folders you have deleted?
A. Inbox
B. Recycle Bin
C. Folder
D. None of the above

Q. 31. Url shows in which bar?
A. Title Bar
B. Status Bar
C. Menu Bar
D. Address Bar

Q. 32. Which of the following would you use to set up various network connections in your computer?
A. My Network
B. of Network and Sharing Center
C. Wireless network
D. Network setup

Q. 33. Which of the following option is not in E-mail folder?
A. Sent Mail
B. Receive Mail
C. Trash
D. Spam

Q. 34. What is the full form of DVD?
A. Digital Versatile Disc
B. Digital video disc
C. Digital Video Definition
D. (A) and (B) both

Q. 35. Which shortcut keys are used to increase the font size in MS-Word?
A. Ctrl + Shift + >
B. Ctrl + Shift + D
C. Ctrl + Shift + +
D. Alt + +

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