Ch. 15 (Part B) Rscit English Test Online {Managing your Computer}

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Rscit English Test Online

Q. 1. Through whom can the user tell here how to manage the computer internet connection and browser setting?
A. Internet Option
B. Interanet
C. Lan
D. Www

Q. 2. Screen Resolution and Font can be corrected by which of the following?
A. Hardware and Sound
B. System and Security
C. Appearance and Personalization
D. Programs and Ease Of Access

Q. 3. Which option is used to change the System Access Permission for the User?
A. Programs
B. System Or Security
C. Setting
D. User Account

Q. 4. Which of the following work is done by Ease of Access?
A. Audio Option
B. Adjust Visibility
C. Tooltips
D. All Of The Above

Q. 5. Which one of the following software cannot be installed in Windows 10?
A. Directly from the Internet
B. From Windows Store
C. From CD, DVD, Pen Drive
D. Using Word file

Q. 6. Printers can be installed on a computer by using which of the following Control Panel setting options?
A. Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Devices & Printers > Add A Printer
B. Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners > Add A Printer Or Scanner
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

Q. 7. What type of email account is commonly used in business settings?
A. Microsoft Exchange
B. Pop3
C. Imp
D. Http

Q. 8. Which type of personal email account is usually used to download emails to your computer?
A. Microsoft Exchange
B. Pop3
C. Imp
D. Http

Q. 9. Which of the following is not a type of user account in Windows 10?
A. Standard
B. Administrator
C. Both A and B
D. Micro

Q. 10. Which of the following feature is used to revert your computer status, Windows Registry and system settings to the last time?
A. System Restore
B. System backup
C. System Defragment
D. System boot

Q. 11. Devices, printers and sound setting are managed by which of the following options?
A. Setting
B. Printer
C. Hardware Or Sound
D. None Of The Above

Q. 12. If the display date and time is wrong in the computer, then which of the following will be used to reset it?
A. Calender
B. Setting /Control Panel
C. Task View
D. Start button

Q. 13. Which of the following is not an administrative tool in Windows 10?
A. Odbc
B. Disk Cleanup
C. Cortana
D. Windows Firewell With Advanced Security

Q. 14. Which of the following is not a way to install a software in Windows 10?
A. Direct from Internet
B. Cd/dvd /pendrive
C. From Windows Store
D. From Word file

Q. 15. By which option User Name, Password or Profile Picture can be changed?
A. Admin
B. User Theme
C. User Account
D. None of these

Q. 16. By which option can the Display Characteristics of a computer be changed?
A. Display
B. Theme
C. Appearance and Personalization
D. Background

Q. 17. Which of the following options can change Screen Resolution and Color Quality?
A. Appearance and Personalization
B. Home
C. Color Quality
D. Resolution Menu

Q. 18. Main tool to configure computer is?
A. Large Panel
B. Control Panel
C. System Panel
D. Configure Pen

Q. 19. Which of the following is an option like Control Panel in Windows 10?
A. Customize Panel
B. Setting App
C. Setting Panel
D. General Pane

Q. 20. Which are the Configure Options in the Setting Menu?
A. Network &Internet
B. system,devices ,privacy
C. Accounts ,time & language
D. Suitable all

Q. 21. How is the Control Panel pinned to the Start Menu and Task Bar?
A. Go to Settings
B. Left click on Control Panel
C. From New Menu
D. Right click on Control Panel

Q. 22. Using which of the following tabs on the Windows 10 File Explorer ribbon you can make files and folders hidden or visible?
A. Home
B. View
C. Share
D. None of the above

Q. 23. Which of the following application can help in locking file or folder in Windows 10?
A. Windows Defender
B. Cortana
C. Folder Lock
D. All the above options

Q. 24. By which of the following options you can uninstall a program from Windows 10?
A. Settings > Apps & Services
B. Control Panel > Program > Program & Features
C. Taskbar
D. Both A and B

Q. 25. What is the BCC option in e-mail?
A. Blind Carbon Copy
B. Best Carbon Copy
C. Blink Copy Creation
D. None Of The Above

Q. 26. What are the options for installing programs in Windows 10?
A. Installing from Windows Store
B. Installing from the Internet
C. All given
D. Installing from CD or DVD

Q. 27. How many types of user accounts are there?
A. Standard Account, Administrator Account
B. Personal Account, Real Account
C. Standard account, Administrator account and Personal account, Real account both options
D. none of these

Q. 28. What do we do to uninstall the install program?
A. Through Settings app
B. Via Control Panel
C. Both option is correct through control panel and setting app
D. Suitable all

Q. 29. What type of email account is commonly used in business settings?
A. Pop3
B. Imp
C. Http
D. Microsoft Exchange

Q. 30. Printers can be installed on a computer by using which of the following control panel setting option?
A. Control Panel = Hardware & Software = Device & Printer = Add A Printer & Setting Device = Printers & Scanners = Add A Printer & Scanner.
B. Setting = Device= Printers & Scanners = Add A Printer & Scanner
C. Control Panel =hardware & Sound = Device & Printers = Add A Printer
D. All given is wrong

Q. 31. On setting restore point, if the computer gets crushed, which of the following? Can we restore back?
A. Restore Windows Registry
B. Restoring system files, installed applications
C. Restore Windows Registry, System Files, Restore Installed Applications Both options are correct
D. All of the above are wrong

Q. 32. In Windows 10 user can create more than one user account or not?
A. Can create two accounts
B. Can create more than 2 accounts
C. Only one account can be created
D. All of the above are wrong

Q. 33. What is the data speed of 3g data connection?
A. 512 Mbps
B. 2 Mbps
C. 6 Mbps
D. 4 Mbps

Q. 34. How many Windows can work simultaneously in Windows 10?
A. 10
B. 5
C. 4
D. 6

Q. 35. Which of the following software is required to give Voice Commands?
A. Speech Recognition
B. Google Glass
C. A & B
D. None Of These

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