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Rscit Exam Online English

Q. 1. What is the use of System Restore feature in Microsoft Windows?
A. It allows the user to compose the same mail to different receivers.
B. It allows the user to revert the state of his computer to a previous point in time, which can be used for system failure or other problems. can be made to emerge.
C. It allows the user to create multiple accounts for a single user.
D. None of the above

Q. 2. Which command can be used to check how a document will look before it is printed?
A. File Preview
B. Pre-print
C. Print Preview
D. Standard Preview

Q. 3. You can see thumbnails of slides in your presentation in _______ so that you can easily rearrange them?
A. Slide Show View
B. Review
C. Animation View
D. Slide Sorter View

Q. 4. Which of the following has the least storage capacity?
A. Floppy Disk
B. cd
D. Hard Disk

Q. 5. An app on you Android phone can be installed / uninstalled by _____?
A. Google Play
B. Google Tez
C. Rsrtc
D. Irctc

Q. 6. Which of the following comes under the category of optical disc? Choose the most appropriate option from the following?
A. Cd-r
B. Cd-rw
C. Dvd
D. All of the above

Q. 7. Statement 1: Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge web browser in Window 10. Statement 2: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Drop Box are examples of web browsers. Choose the correct option from the following?
A. Statement 1 and Statement 2 both are correct
B. Statement 1 and Statement 2 both are wrong V
C. Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false
D. Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 is true

Q. 8. In MS Word 2010. What is the use of 'strikethrough' font effect?
A. This draws a line over the selected text.
B. This draws a line through the middle of the selected text.
C. This draws a line below the selected text
D. This text creates lowercase letters below the baseline.

Q. 9. Which shortcut key is used to start from the first slide of the presentation in MS Powerpoint 2010?
A. F10
B. F11
C. F13
D. F5

Q. 10. What is the full form of 10 Dpi?
A. Dots per inch
B. Dot per square inch
C. Printed dots per time
D. All of the above

Q. 11. Select the most appropriate correct option regarding bar chart and column chart in MS Excel-2010?
A. Both bar chart and column chart can represent positive data values
B. Both bar chart and column chart can represent positive data values in a circular basis only
C. Data values are represented in horizontal bars in bar charts, while data values in column charts are represented in vertical bars
D. All options are correct

Q. 12. What are data in computer system?
A. This includes keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
B. Includes processor main and secondary memory, power supply, etc.
C. Contains raw and unprocessed data such as text, numbers, images, or sounds
D. This is the set of programs

Q. 13. What are Qr Codes?
A. Qr stands for Quick Response. It is the two-dimensional version of the bar code
B. Quick Ratio –quick Ratio
C. Quick Receiver – Quick Receiver
D. Quick Reports Quick Reports

Q. 14. _______ is the default name of the file created with MS Word-2010?
A. Workbook1
B. Worksheet1
C. Document1
D. Book1

Q. 15. Which of the following is not a cyber threat?
A. Virus
B. Trojan horse
C. E-commerce
D. Denial of Services

Q. 16. What is the meaning of S mentioned in Https?
A. Secure
B. Server
C. static
D. System

Q. 17. Which of the following is considered as mailing etiquette?
A. Overuse of All Caps
B. High priority usage
C. More use of Reply All
D. Concise and high theme

Q. 18. Which one of the following is an ISO standard for Information Security Management System?
A. ISO 9000
B. Iso 14000
C. ISO 22000
D. ISO 27001

Q. 19. The rules of the Indian IT Act, 2000 have been framed to govern which sector?
A. Income Tax
B. Industrial Technology
C. Information Technology
D. Insider Trading

Q. 20. A computer virus that actively attacks antivirus programs in an attempt to prevent detection is called?
A. Worm
B. Retrovirus
C. Tarzan Horse
D. Ghost virus

Q. 21. Why can someone enter your computer without permission?
A. You don't like them
B. To commit offense
C. To distribute porn, malicious programs etc.
D. All of the above

Q. 22. What will you do if you receive a mail asking for your username and password?
A. Will report them as phishing spam through your email provider
B. Will delete the message
C. Will reply to message with your email and password
D. none of these

Q. 23. Which of the following statements are correct about a strong password?
A. in both uppercase and lowercase letters
B. A word that is easy to remember such as a pet's name
C. Name containing at least 8 characters and a combination of letters, numbers and characters
D. Your full name

Q. 24. Which of the following is not an example of real security and privacy risk?
A. Hacker
B. Virus
C. Spam
D. Identity

Q. 25. In which type of cyber attack you are asked for your information? Like your password, your name, date of birth, pin etc.? -
A. Password Attack
B. Phishing attack
D. Denial of Services

Q. 26. What is the full form of sso?
A. Source Selection Officer
B. Single Sign On
C. Social Security Officer
D. Support service organization

Q. 27. Which of the following is an example of the strongest password?
A. 123vmou@rscit
B. Vmou123
C. Vmou123rscit
D. Vmourscit

Q. 28. Select the correct tabs in the ribbon of Msword 2010?
A. Home, Insert, PageLayout, Reference etc.
B. bullet list, order list, shortcode etc.
C. Enhanced themes, project mods, paste previews etc.
D. Windows, iOS, Mac etc.

Q. 29. When you connect the projector, the _______ connection option enables your laptop monitor and data projector to display different content on the screen?
A. PC screen only
B. duplicate
C. Extended
D. Second screen only

Q. 30. _______ usually involves email asking users to click on a link and enter their personal data?
A. DOS attack
B. Phishing attack
C. Firewall

Q. 31. In the Indian IT Act, 2000 the laws have been prepared for which area?
A. Income Tax
B. Industrial Technology
C. Information Technology
D. Insider Trading

Q. 32. Application software is not an example of?
A. VLC Media Player
B. Google Chrome
C. MS-Word 2010
D. Flash memory

Q. 33. What is the By Default name of Document in Ms Word?
A. Book1
B. Document1
C. Presentation1
D. None of these

Q. 34. What are the types of Margins in Ms Word 2010?
A. Left
B. Top
C. Right
D. None Of Above

Q. 35. Maximum To Minimum Font Size in Ms Word 2010 is?
A. 8 - 74
B. 74 - 8
C. 72 - 8
D. 8 - 72

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