Ch. 12 (Part B) Rscit Excel Quiz Test English {Microsoft Excel}

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Rscit Excel Quiz Test English

Q. 1. Print Area is used in Ms Excel?
A. To print the sheet
B. To print the workbook
C. To Decide Area for Print
D. To print the table

Q. 2. Is Microsoft Excel?
A. Spreadsheet
B. Ordinary paper
C. Worksheet
D. None

Q. 3. The intersection of a row and a column is called?
A. Worksheet
B. cell address
C. cell
D. None

Q. 4. Which cell is called where the pointer is present in Excel?
A. A1
B. Current cell
C. Active Cell
D. Deactive cell

Q. 5. Which menu is used to make charts?
A. file
B. New
D. Chart

Q. 6. What does the comment given for a cell entry show on the screen?
A. Comment
B. indicator
C. Picture
D. Nothing

Q. 7. Which command is used to hide row?
A. Hide
B. hide row
C. Row
D. None of these

Q. 8. What is the joining of two or more cells together in Ms Excel is called?
A. Wrap Text
B. Split Cell
C. Merge Cell
D. Format Cell

Q. 9. Where is the address of the cell shown in Ms Excel?
A. In Formula Box
B. In the Address Box
C. in the Name Box
D. Both A and B

Q. 10. How many sheets are there by default in Ms Excel?
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 6

Q. 11. The file created in Ms Excel is called?
A. Document File
B. Presentation File
C. Spreadsheet File
D. Text File

Q. 12. What is the Shortcut Key to Filter Table in Ms Excel?
A. Ctrl + Shift + L
B. Ctrl + Shift + M
C. Ctrl + Shift + D
D. Ctrl + Shift + K

Q. 13. What is the Shortcut Key to Insert Function in Ms Excel?
A. Shift + F6
B. Shift + F5
C. Shift + F3
D. Shift + F2

Q. 14. Which shortcut key is used in Ms Excel to create a chart in the selected cell?
A. F11
B. F10
C. F9
D. F8

Q. 15. A Spreadsheet in Ms Excel consists of?
A. Rows to
B. Rows and Columns to
C. Columns to
D. None of these

Q. 16. Which of the following combination makes an Excel workbook?
A. Workbook
B. Worksheet
C. Chart
D. Worksheet And Charts

Q. 17. What is meant by a name box?
A. Indicates the location of the previously active cell
B. Appears to the left of the formula bar
C. Appears below the status bar
D. Appears below the menu bar

Q. 18. Which one will you use to copy formatting from one place of worksheet and apply formatting to another place?
A. Home > Copy Or Home > Paste
B. Ctrl + C Or Ctrl + V
C. There is no way to copy and replace formatting in Excel
D. Format Painter button on the standard toolbar

Q. 19. What do Data Labels Show in Chart in Excel?
A. The actual value of the data point
B. Change the color of the chart to
C. Record related to Row or Column
D. None of these

Q. 20. What is Line Chart used for in Ms Excel?
A. To show relation
B. To describe the share price
C. To show change over time
D. To arrange your data

Q. 21. Which chart in Ms Excel requires Positive Value?
A. Bar Chart
B. Pie Chart
C. Column Chart
D. Area Chart

Q. 22. Which chart is used to describe the price of shares in Ms Excel?
A. Surface Chart
B. Bubble Chart
C. Stock Chart
D. Pie Chart

Q. 23. Under which miniature in Ms Excel a new type of chart has been presented which we can adjust in a cell?
A. Sparklines
B. Piramid
C. Win/loss
D. None of these

Q. 24. Which of the following is not a Sparklines in Ms Excel?
A. Win/loss
B. Column
C. Line
D. Radder

Q. 25. Which feature is used to analyze unknown value in Ms Excel?
A. Goal Seek
B. Operator
C. Pivot Table
D. None of these

Q. 26. Which method is not used to enter data in Ms Excel?
A. Using Arrow Key
B. Using Tab Key
C. Click on the Formula bar
D. Using Esc Key

Q. 27. What is the percentage of zoom in Ms Excel?
A. 500%
B. 300%
C. 400%
D. 200%

Q. 28. Name the formula in Ms Excel which gives the current date and time?
A. Today()
B. Hour()
C. Now()
D. Len() Td>

Q. 29. What is the value written in the Formula bar in Ms Excel, which we cannot change?
A. Cell Address
B. Constant
C. Variable
D. Static

Q. 30. Which of the following is used to hold row and column titles in a worksheet so that they do not scroll when the worksheet is scrolled?
A. Un-freeze Command
B. Freeze Panes Command
C. Hold Title Command
D. Split Command

Q. 31. Which one of the following shortcut keys is used to create a chart out of selected cells in Microsoft Excel 2010?
A. F3
B. F5
C. F7
D. F11

Q. 32. What is the file extension of Excel 2003, 2007, 2010?
A. Xlsx, Xls, Xlsx
B. Docx, Doc, Docx
C. Xls, Xlsx, Xlsx
D. Xls, Xls, Xlsx

Q. 33. Paste Special Command allows you to copy and paste?
A. To multiply the selection by a copied value
B. Cell Comments by
C. by values resulting in a formula instead of the Actual Formula
D. None of the above

Q. 34. When do you copy a formula?
A. Excel deletes the original copy of the formula
B. Excel edits cell references in newly copied formulas
C. Excel adjusts the absolute cell reference
D. Excel does not accommodate relative cell references

Q. 35. Which of the following chart types can be created using Microsoft Excel 2010?
A. Line chart only, Pie chart
B. Line graph only
C. Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts
D. Bar chart and line graph only

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