Ch. 5 (Part A) Rscit Mock Test In English {Digital Payment and Platforms}

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Rscit Mock Test In English

Q. 1. What is meant by Rupay Debit Card?
A. Domestic Debit Card
B. Card offered by National Payments Corporation of India [npci]
C. Accepted on all Atm and Pos machines
D. All of the above

Q. 2. Which of the following are the benefits associated with Pmjdy?
A. Accident insurance cover of ₹100000
B. Life insurance cover of ₹30000
C. Overdraft facility up to 5000
D. All of the above

Q. 3. The following works can be done with State Bank Buddy?
A. Send money
B. View your details
C. Pay your bills
D. Suitable all

Q. 4. Which of the following is not an area of ​​information security?
A. Confidentiality
B. Commminication
C. Authentication
D. Interigy

Q. 5. What is Computer Networking?
A. Public network
B. Private network
C. Telecomminication Network
D. Group of Net

Q. 6. Which work is done in the claim of Computer Networking?
A. Transfer Items
B. Editing in data
C. Exchange data
D. None Of The Above

Q. 7. Which option is selected to mail?
A. Sent Mail
B. Compose
C. Outbox
D. Inbox

Q. 8. Which of the following provides online cloud storage services?
A. Dropbox
B. Box
C. Microsoft One Drive
D. All Of These

Q. 9. What is the full name of Iamai?
A. Internet & Mobile Association Of India
B. Intranet & Mobile Association Of India
C. Internet & Mobility Association Of India
D. Internet & Mobile Academy Of India

Q. 10. What is the rank of India's largest Internet user?
A. Third
B. Second
C. First
D. Fourth

Q. 11. Which of the following is not a type of blog?
A. Micro Blogging
B. Social Blog
C. Personal Blog
D. Corporate Blog

Q. 12. What is called Virtual Bulletin Board in Facebook?
A. Notification
B. Window
C. Wall
D. Message

Q. 13. What is the full form of Bcc?
A. Best Carbon Copy
B. Blank Carbon Copy
C. Black Carbon Copy
D. Blind Carbon Copy

Q. 14. In which year was Youtube founded?
A. 2004
B. 2008
C. 2005
D. 2007

Q. 15. What are the email folders of Gmail called?
A. Folder
B. File
C. Banner
D. Label

Q. 16. What service does Chat Application provide?
A. Mailing
B. Instant Messaging Key
C. To make a call
D. None of these

Q. 17. Which type of website is used to search the internet?
A. Search Keyword
B. Search Website
C. Search Engine
D. Search Word

Q. 18. What is the full name of Serp?
A. Search Engine Response Pages
B. Search Engine Reply Pages
C. Search Engine Request Pages
D. Search Engine Results Page

Q. 19. Which of the following is not done by a search engine?
A. Web Designing
B. Indexing
C. Searching
D. Web Crawling

Q. 20. We can create Email Id through these?
A. Youtube
B. Gmail
C. Google
D. Facebook

Q. 21. What work can I do by email?
A. Chatting
B. Sending Files
C. To shop
D. None of these

Q. 22. Which band is used in ordinary telephone voice communication?
A. Broad Band
B. Narrow Band
C. Voice Band
D. Wide Band

Q. 23. Which band is used for high speed data transfer between computer to computer, in which data can be transferred at the rate of 10 Lakh (Bps)?
A. Narrow Band
B. Broad Band
C. Best Band
D. Voice Band

Q. 24. Which is the Biggest Example of Computer Network?
A. Www
B. Extranet
C. Interfet
D. Internet

Q. 25. Which of the following is the field of e-commerce application?
A. Finance
B. Manufacturing
C. Marketing
D. All of the above

Q. 26. What is Cloud Storage?
A. Online data storage
B. Database store
C. Standalone Data Storage
D. Card Store

Q. 27. Which of the following is not an option for matching?
A. Spam
B. Recycle Bin
C. Outbox
D. Trash

Q. 28. What is associating a file with mail called?
A. Adjustment
B. Settlement
C. Attachment
D. Combine

Q. 29. Which of the following is a Chat Application?
A. Skype
B. Facebook Messenger
C. Whatsapp
D. All Of These

Q. 30. What can we see by dialing *99#?
A. Asking Balance
B. Mini statement
C. Fund Transfer
D. All Of The Above

Q. 31. Which languages ​​are included in Google Tez?
A. Telugu
B. Passing
C. English
D. All Of The Above

Q. 32. What are the benefits of Online Banking?
A. Very secure
B. Low time cost
C. at any time
D. All of the above

Q. 33. Which of the following are different types of Organization Level Network Structure?
A. Firewall
B. Extranet
C. Intranet
D. Suitable all

Q. 34. Which of the following is a special security system designed to protect an organization's network against external threats?
A. Firesafe
B. Narrow Band
C. Extranet
D. Firewall

Q. 35. It works as a gateway between one network to another, for a particular network application?
A. Client/server
B. Extranet
C. A Procxy Server
D. None Of The Above

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