Ch. 15 (Part A) Rscit Online English Exam Mock Test {Managing your Computer}

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Rscit Online English Exam Mock Test

Q. 1. What type of utility does NFC share data using?
A. Andriod Jellybean
B. Android Bean
C. Andriod Beam
D. Andriod Jellybeam

Q. 2. What is the code name of processor coming in 7th generation of Intel processor?
A. Sky Lake
B. Kaby Lake
C. Bradwell
D. Haswell

Q. 3. What is the full form of Itrs?
A. Interactive Technology Roadmap For Semiconductor
B. Intenational Technology Roadmap For Semiconductor
C. Intermediate Technology Roadmap For Semiconductor
D. Internal Technology Roadmap For Semiconductor

Q. 4. What is the default player of Windows?
A. Vlc Media Player
B. Kmp Media Player
C. Windows Media Player
D. Quick Time Player

Q. 5. Which of the following is not an example of Augmented Reality?
A. Microsoft Hololens
B. Google Glass
C. A & B
D. None Of These

Q. 6. Which of the following is not an example of Virtual Reality?
A. Oculus Rift
B. Google Cardboard
C. Google Glass
D. Htc Vive

Q. 7. What is the full name of Rfid?
A. Radio Frequency Identification
B. Radio Frequency Identity
C. Radio Frequency Identifier
D. Radio Frequency Idle

Q. 8. By using which tool the resources available on the computer can be used?
A. Resource Manager
B. Program Tool
C. Memory Manager
D. Administrative Tools

Q. 9. What is the full name of Mmc?
A. Microsoft Management Console
B. Microsoft Master Console
C. Microsoft Mine Cocept
D. Microsoft Mute Code

Q. 10. What is the full name of Com?
A. Color Object Mode
B. Component Object Model
C. Component Over Model
D. Custom Object Model

Q. 11. Which type of account creation facility is provided in Windows 10?
A. Single User Account
B. Multiple User Account
C. A Or B
D. Complex User Account

Q. 12. At least how many administrative accounts are there in each computer?
A. 3
B. 1
C. 4
D. 2

Q. 13. By which of the following options, it is set whether the clock is visible in the system navigation area or not?
A. Taskbar and Start Menu
B. Setting/clock Type
C. System Clock
D. Clock Manager

Q. 14. What is the full name of Bios?
A. Byte In Out System
B. Basic Input Output System
C. Byte Inter Out System
D. Basic In Out System

Q. 15. Which of the following options can configure the Accessibility of User Account?
A. Security
B. System
C. Ease Of Access Center
D. Disk Manager

Q. 16. Which is used to uninstall or change a program stored in the computer?
A. Software
B. Control Panel Or Setting Apps
C. Hardware
D. Server

Q. 17. Which of these Chat Application has been integrated by Microsoft in Windows 10?
A. Yahoo Mail
B. Hangouts
C. Facebook Messenger
D. Skype

Q. 18. Robot "Siri" is made by whom?
A. Microsoft
B. Ibm
C. Apple
D. Hp

Q. 19. What is the full name of Ban?
A. Body Available Network
B. Body Area Network
C. Body Area Navigation
D. Body Available Navigation

Q. 20. Which of the following options are used to manage Desktop Program and User File Handler?
A. System App
B. Program
C. Ease Of Access
D. Privacy

Q. 21. How many views are there in Control Panel in the latest version of Windows?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3

Q. 22. Which is used to see and change the core system setting?
A. Program
B. Network
C. System
D. Utility

Q. 23. Which of the following option can be set whether the Extention Display of the file is there or not?
A. File Explorer Options
B. Windows Explorer
C. File/folder Manager
D. File Manager

Q. 24. Which type of account is used for Guest User?
A. General
B. Administrator
C. Standard
D. Private

Q. 25. Who do you use to protect your computer from hackers and accidental software (Worms) who access your computer's information through the Internet or any network?
A. Firewall
B. Firewet
C. Protocol
D. Security Services

Q. 26. Which of the following is not a type of Firewall?
A. Packet Filtering Firewall
B. Stateful Firewall
C. Proxy Firewall
D. Stone Firewall

Q. 27. A utility that helps to increase access speed by reducing scattered files (Fragmented)?
A. Scan disk
B. Disk space
C. Defragmentor
D. double space

Q. 28. What is another name of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?
A. Robot
B. Automatic Computer
C. Automatic Car
D. Drone

Q. 29. What is the full name of Rf?
A. Remote Functionality
B. Remote Frequency
C. Radio Frequency
D. Radio Functionality

Q. 30. What is the minimum measurement of tablets Diagonally?
A. 9 inches
B. 8 inches
C. 7 inch
D. 6 inches

Q. 31. Which of the following is not a type of App Store?
A. Apple App Store
B. Microsoft Store
C. Windows Store
D. Google Play Store

Q. 32. What is the full form of Hspa?
A. High Speed ​​Pocket Access
B. High Secure Packet Access
C. High Speed ​​Packet Access
D. High Speed ​​Pocket Access

Q. 33. Which of the following is not an example of Virtual Reality?
A. Oculus Rift
B. Google Glass
C. Htc Vive
D. Google Cardboard

Q. 34. To reconnect the computer to the network, which has troubleshooting functions?
A. Network and Internet
B. Security
C. Homegroud
D. Backup & Restore

Q. 35. Which of the following options are there in Administrative Tools?
A. Security
B. System Administration
C. Performance And Service Configuration
D. Suitable all

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