Ch. 13 (Part B) Rscit Online Test In English Powerpoint {Microsoft PowerPoint}

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Rscit Online Test In English Powerpoint

Q. 1. Which of these slides is used as background?
A. Gradient
B. Texture
C. Picture
D. All these

Q. 2. Ctrl + E command is used in power point?
A. To move the text to the left
B. To right the text
C. Center the text
D. All these

Q. 3. Ellipse Motion is a Predefined ..........?
A. Design Template
B. Color Scheme
C. Animation Scheme
D. None of these.

Q. 4. How many slides can be printed on the same page using Handout?
A. 1
B. 6
C. 9
D. All these

Q. 5. Which feature of power point would you use to apply motion effects to different slides?
A. slide transition
B. slide Design
C. Animation object
D. Animation Scheme

Q. 6. Which option is used to set custom timing for a slide in Presentation?
A. Slider timings
B. slide transition
C. Rehearsal
D. Slide Show Setup

Q. 7. If you want to see only text in slide then which of these tab will you use?
A. Task pane
B. Thumbnails
C. Outline
D. Tool bar

Q. 8. Which of these formats cannot be added to Powerpoint?
A. .jpg
B. .gif
C. .html
D. .bmp

Q. 9. You can create a new Presenta You can create a new Presentation?
A. From Blank Presentation
B. From Existing Presentation
C. From Design Template
D. All Of Above

Q. 10. When you open Powerpoint which tab is not visible in the left panel?
A. Notes
B. Slides
C. Outline
D. All Of Above

Q. 11. Name the view in Ms Powerpoint which displays the text?
A. Slide Show
B. Notes Page View
C. Slide Sorter View
D. Outline View

Q. 12. How much percentage can we zoom in Ms Powerpoint?
A. 500%
B. 300%
C. 400%
D. 200%

Q. 13. Which of these Master Views are there in Ms Powerpoint in Ms Powerpoint?
A. Slide Master
B. Notes Master
C. Handout Master
D. All Of These

Q. 14. Which view divides the slides into small parts in Ms Powerpoint?
A. Normal View
B. Outline View
C. Notes View
D. Slide Sorter View

Q. 15. What is the default view of Slide in Ms Powerpoint?
A. Slide Sorter
B. Normal
C. Notes Page
D. Reading View

Q. 16. By which animation in Ms Powerpoint the text is seen rotating?
A. Pluse
B. Zoom
C. Spin
D. Grow/font

Q. 17. Which of the following is not a view of PowerPoint?
A. Slide Show view
B. Slide Sorter view
C. Normal view
D. Outline view

Q. 18. What is the extension of PowerPoint Presentation?

Q. 19. What is the shortcut key to create new file in PowerPoint presentation?
A. Ctrl + N
B. Ctrl + S
C. Ctrl + M
D. Shift + N

Q. 20. What is written to open Power Point from Run Dialog Box?
A. PowerPoint
B. Pwrpoint
C. Powerpnt
D. Powerpint

Q. 21. Which program is used to make presentation?
A. Excel
B. PowerPoint
C. Access
D. Outlook

Q. 22. What is the shortcut key to insert a new slide in Current Presentation?
A. Ctrl + O
B. Ctrl + M
C. Ctrl + N
D. Ctrl + F

Q. 23. Action Buttons option is in which menu?
A. Tools
B. Format
C. Window
D. Slide Show

Q. 24. Which of the following file format can be added in power point show?
A. .jpg
B. .gif
C. .wav
D. All of the above

Q. 25. Power point presentation is very useful?
A. Notes outline for teacher
B. Like project presentation for student
C. As a communication of planning information
D. Suitable all

Q. 26. What is the effect applied to display when slides are changed in a slide show called?
A. slide animation
B. Custom animation
C. Custom transition
D. slide transition

Q. 27. Which of the following will be used to start the slide show of a presentation?
A. F5 is to be pressed
B. Select View Show option from slide show menu
C. Select Rehearse Timing from the slideshow menu
D. Both A and B

Q. 28. What does it mean to change the background of the presentation?
A. Change background style, background color, background Fill effect
B. Can insert picture or clip art on back of slide
C. Can apply background of a picture or picture in power point presentation
D. All given

Q. 29. Which of the following would you use to get the same display for all the slides in the presentation?
A. Adding slide options
B. Outline view
C. Slide layout options
D. Presentation Design Template

Q. 30. What are the four control groups in the Animation tab?
A. Preview, Animation, Advance Animation, Timing and Color, Font Style, Design Both
B. preview, animation, advance animation, timing
C. Color, font style, design
D. none of these

Q. 31. Smart art graphics are used for what?
A. To save the slide
B. To represent information, data, information through pictures, graphs, animations, figures
C. To create a new slide
D. To delete the slide

Q. 32. Which option is used to create Speaker Notes in power point slide?
A. Slide Note
B. Short Notes
C. Sound Note
D. Notes View

Q. 33. Which option is used to change shadow, text color and box color in Power Point?
A. Color schemes
B. Drawing tools
C. Text tools
D. Background color

Q. 34. How can you stop Slide Show?
A. Pressing the Delete button.
B. Pressing the Esc button.
C. Pressing the Right arrow |
D. Pressing the Left arrow |

Q. 35. ...... task pane shows the design which is currently being used in the presentation?
A. slide show
B. slide style
C. slide design
D. slide format

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