Ch. 8 (Part B) Rscit Question Online Test in English {Accessing Citizen Service in Rajasthan}

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Rscit Question Online Test in English

Q. 1. Are you into Paragraph Formatting?
A. Can align text
B. Can type hyperlink
C. Can create a bookmark
D. Can delete text

Q. 2. _______ is an online portal for applying for new voter registration?
A. Nvsp
B. Rsrtc
C. Nsdl
D. Uidai

Q. 3. How do you link Aadhaar with bank account? Select the appropriate option?
A. By using net banking.
B. Going to Income Tax Department.
C. By going to password service services.
D. None of these.

Q. 4. Which of the following service is not available through E-Mitra's web portal? Select the most appropriate option from the following?
A. Electricity/Water bill payment.
B. Applying for Bonafide/Domicile Certificate.
C. To register with Employment Department.
D. You can avail all the above services by using e-Mitra.

Q. 5. In e-PDS, what is the full form of PDS?
A. Public Document System
B. People Document System
C. Public Distribution System
D. Portable Document System

Q. 6. Which of the following is the shortcut of Ctrl + Z?
A. Undo
B. Paste
C. Delete
D. Copy

Q. 7. _______ is an example of Mooc?
A. Edx
B. Twitter
C. Facebook
D. Both options (B) And (C)

Q. 8. To enter a new paragraph in a document press the key _______?
A. Ctrl
B. Alt
C. Esc
D. Enter

Q. 9. Which of the following software is often used as an e-mail application and also includes calendar, task manager etc.?
A. MS-Word
B. MS-Excel
C. ms-outlook
D. ms-access

Q. 10. Which of the following is a correct example of a pointing tool?
A. Trackball, touchpad and mouse.
B. Motherboard and processor.
C. Monitor, printer, headphones, and speakers.
D. Hard Disk Drive and Pen Drive.

Q. 11. Which of the following is malicious to your computer system?
A. Virus.
B. Antivirus.
C. Firewall.
D. Update and Security.

Q. 12. How to add sound to a Microsoft Powerpoint slide?
A. Next after slideshow
B. Slideshow followed by Smart Art graphics
C. After Insert, select Sound File followed by Audio in the Media group
D. Slideshow → Insert → Save

Q. 13. While making credit card payment, the website is mandatory?
A. The password used by the payer should be shown
B. Cvv number of credit card should be displayed
C. Don't need to confirm the payment is done
D. Https and Otp should be used

Q. 14. Which of the following cannot be used for mobile payment?
A. Point of Sale (Pos)
B. Freecharge
C. Paytm
D. State Bank Buddy

Q. 15. Which of the following platform is not for education related work?
A. Ussd
B. M00c
C. Nptel
D. Swayam

Q. 16. A registered user on Twitter platform can do the following?
A. Can send message up to 140 characters
B. Can retweet message to his followers
C. Can create hashtags on a topic
D. All these

Q. 17. Which of the following is not a mobile operating system?
A. Android
B. Google Play Store
C. Windows Phone
D. Apple Ios

Q. 18. Some numbers are stored in the cells of a Microsoft Excel sheet. Which function should be used to find the number of cells which have more than 40 numbers?
A. Len
B. Vlookup
C. Count
D. Countif

Q. 19. Following are the steps to create a new chart in Microsoft Excel?
A. Delete Date → Select Chart
B. Insert Chart → Show
C. Select Data → Insert Tab →select Chart
D. Copy Data → Select Shape

Q. 20. To check animation of only one slide in Microsoft Powerpoint, the following feature is used?
A. On Click
B. Preview
C. Slide Show
D. Save

Q. 21. By which of the following can a citizen register a complaint on Rajasthan Sampark?
A. Toll free number
B. Rajasthan Sampark Portal
C. Rajasthan Sampark Mobile Application
D. All of the above

Q. 22. What is the full name of E-pds?
A. E-personnel Development Scheme
B. E-payment Distribution System
C. E-public Distribution System
D. None Of The Above

Q. 23. Citizen can pay university fee through online mode?
A. friend
B. Single Sign On ID
C. University Portal
D. All of the above

Q. 24. How many digits are there in Aadhar card number?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 16
D. 8

Q. 25. What is the full form of FPS in the context of e-PDS system?
A. First Price Scheme
B. Financial Planning System
C. Both A and B
D. Fair Price Shop

Q. 26. Which of the following facility is not available in Sso Login?
A. Mutual Fund Investment
B. Application for Domicile Certificate
C. Registration in Employment Department
D. Electricity or water bill payment

Q. 27. Which department of the state government operates the E-pds portal?
A. Water Resources Department
B. Food & Civil Supplies Department
C. Agriculture Department
D. Revenue Department

Q. 28. What is the interest rate offered under Brsy loan amount to register unemployed?
A. 7%
B. 4%
C. 5%
D. 8%

Q. 29. You can check the current status of your E-ticket reservation?
A. with train number and name
B. with station and train name
C. PNR. by number
D. By train name

Q. 30. Which of the following is invalid e-mail address?
A. Abcd.def@yahoo

Q. 31. Which of the following are types of Cyber Threats?
A. Virus, Trojan Horse, Spyware
B. Chrome, Firefox, Edge
C. Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store
D. Http, Https, Ftp

Q. 32. What is Microsoft One Drive?
A. To perform operation in cloud system
B. New software to store data in hard disk
C. New way to secure harddisk
D. To store data in cloud storage

Q. 33. Which software is used to run commands to the computer by voice?
A. Skype
B. Speech Recognition
C. Google Glass
D. Snap Assist

Q. 34. Another name for Google Glass?
A. Optical Head Mounted Disk
B. Optical Head Mounted Device
C. Magnetic Head Mounted Display
D. Optical Head Mounted Display

Q. 35. Computers that are small electronic devices that the user can wear as clothes are called?
A. Body Wear Computer
B. Body Wear Device
C. Body Computer
D. Body Bourne Computer

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